Back when Molly and I were courting,we often spent many evenings sitting in her Mom’s backyard. We talked about the things we wanted to do,places we wanted to go to and things we wanted to see. Number One on Molly’s list was always Mount Rushmore. I promised her we would go there. As we all know, life sometimes gets in the way of doing things. So,after 30 plus years, I am glad to report, my promise has been fulfilled.
It is hard to convey how Mount Rushmore grows on you when you get there. We have seen nearly all the angles that can be seen by numerous photographs so we make no claims as to having anything extraordinary as far as photography but Mount Rushmore is one of the iconic American places. Until you visit it in person,you can not really appreciate what an achievement it is.

Memorial Day seems appropriate to show you a few images.
(taken with a 40D and a 10-22mm[16-35 equivalent])

More 5DSR test shots

Test Driving a 5DSR

Molly and I rented a 5DSR to see if it is a tool that we might use in our future photography.
Here are 3 test shots using a 100mm macro f2.8II (all rented from Lensrentals–good folks).

The large file is probably overkill for web viewing but I might try a 13 x 19 if we find a suitable subject.

A Whole New Ballgame

Moving from the Mississippi River with all the waterfowl,wading birds and shorebird photo opportunities to what is referred to as the Wine Growing Country is a big change in photography. Last week it was old pick up trucks and dying towns. This week it is small birds and vegetation. Old saying smaller the bird–larger the lens. Also adapting long lens to closeup photography is a new learning curve for us.
Here are some of Molly’s images from a recent trip to Shaw Reserve.

We were also honored to be invited to the Two Rivers National Wildlife Volunteer Appreciation shindig last week. We thank Cortney,Debbie and Justin for their kind remarks about our photography and for allowing us to roam “their” refuge.