Still here so I guess the Mayans were wrong 🙂

Hope everyone managed to keep their power in yesterday’s wind storm. The front that brought the winds also brought some cold air— not middle of February cold but cold nonetheless.

This is the first day of my winter vacation and I had planned to go to RMBS to see how many swans etc were still hanging out but some family stuff kept me home. I’ve also been fighting computers most of the morning.

Lots of backyard birds hitting the feeder,the suet and our peanut feeder this morning—seeing them has helped make a ‘bad’ morning better.

Molly and I hope to go out this afternoon.

Molly took this image last week but it won’t be long until everyone is dashing around like crazy people trying to get ‘eagle pictures’ 🙂

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Vacation Time For Molly

Molly has the entire month off in December. (Yes, I’m envious LOL)

This year she is putting a big dent in the 10,000 hours rule by photographing just about everyday.
She took Saturday morning off due to the rain and decided to just watch Saturday pm because she has a touch of muscle strain from handholding the 500mm Friday.
Thanks to John Watson for ‘playing bodyguard’ Friday at Riverlands and guide at Columbia Bottoms.

Here are a few that I thought she did a great job on.
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Riverlands 12-1-2012

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Saturday morning found us at the Heron Pond. Peek-a-boo sun made for challenging photgraphy. Color balances shifted from ‘warm’ to ‘cool’ and when you are dealing with swans, it can make a big difference in how the image ends up. Molly handled the different lighting conditions pretty well with no help from the “hired help”.

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Molly wanted to shoot at the Teal Pond in the afternoon. It was kind of gamble since there were no swans there when we left in the morning. Pulled up to “our spot” and sure enough there were swans but they were at a distance and appeared in no hurry to leave. Molly was able to catch an action sequence of goldeneyes in flight while we waited to see if the swans were going to fly out. Goldeneyes are small, fast and require quick and precise panning to catch them. Molly did quite well on these fast little guys.

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Clouds building up made for some dramatic light. When the swans decided to leave near sundown,shutter speeds were falling quickly. Molly snapped this image. Love those saturated colors.


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