Hey–Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday and it is a SUPER MOON as well

In case, y’all haven’t heard, there is a Super Moon Sunday and it is also going to be a total lunar eclipse.

The next total lunar eclipse is not until January 2018.
The next total lunar eclipse with a Super Moon will be 32 years from now.
No comments on how old some of us will be when that happens again LOL.

Here is a link to the timing of the various stages:

More information about them

How to photograph one

This is the one from last April

You gotta love it

Saturday, I headed up to Duck Hollow Farm and did very well on Opening Day of Teal Season. Molly headed to Lone Elk and as they say
“the proof is in the pudding”.

Zachary XC Saturday 9/5/2015-Granite City, IL

Many of you know our nephew, Zachary, runs cross country for the Farmington Knights (Farmington,Mo High).
He is in one of those teen-age growth spurts (estimated 5 inches) and as you can tell from the photos…all arms and legs.
The kid may never win a race but he has knocked nearly 3 minutes off his 2 mile times and about a minute off his 5K (just over 3 miles).
That may not sound like a lot but in running that is HUGE!

Saturday was hot and humid and the Granite City XC meet was huge. The Varsity Boy’s run was combined with the Boy’s Open because of the conditions. Varsity Boys were placed in the front at the starting line and Open runners were behind them–Zachary was running as an Open Runner.

We took a good number of pictures and these were chosen semi-randomly (if there is such a thing LOL)

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