Test Driving a 5DSR

Molly and I rented a 5DSR to see if it is a tool that we might use in our future photography.
Here are 3 test shots using a 100mm macro f2.8II (all rented from Lensrentals–good folks).

The large file is probably overkill for web viewing but I might try a 13 x 19 if we find a suitable subject.

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5 thoughts on “Test Driving a 5DSR

    • and of course you would have to have some of the “old lens’ to go along with the ‘old cameras’ also LOL

      I thought you ‘old’ Nikon guys would be like Lot’s wife and turn into a pillar of salt using Canon gear 🙂

      For you folks that don’t know Scott Gordon aka Scout, he is a master photographer,journalist and publisher of the magazine “TAKE’EM”.
      We both share a love of Gordon McQuarrie stories, old duck dogs, old shotguns, old decoys and stormy mornings in a duck blind.
      We also have something else in common — we married beautiful, intelligent women that are better than what we deserve (and we are smart enough to know it 🙂 )

      If you haven’t guessed by the above–Scott is one of my favorite people walking the planet’s surface and I always admire his ability to turn a phrase.

      I also have it on good authority that he is crazier than I am and it gives me comfort to know when the men in the white coats and butterfly nets come, he will be a bigger target than me LOL

      • Aw, shucks… (scuffing toe of shoe in the dirt)
        I am in no way worthy to carry your gear, my friend!
        But I would — and happily — coz I know your shots would be magnificent and I would learn MUCH!

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