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Before we get to what Molly and I have been up to……..

Congratulations to Wayne Sheridan (photographer and sometime commentator here) for having one of his images chosen as a winner in the Post Dispatch Arch Photography contest

winning images here

Also before we get to the photography, last Saturday,I was one of a panel of Judges that viewed images from the CICCA Salon in Springfield,IL. Had a great time and met some great people. Saw a lot of great images as well.

Molly has been up and down the River Road lately looking at foliage and the Halloween displays at Grafton,IL.
Here are a few of her images.

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Now I know………

Why I didn’t become a plumber. Still fighting the good fight but it looks like a major “surgery” for our old plumbing system.
Thought we had it licked but it isn’t going to go down without a fight. 🙂

Molly will be off to the cross-country races in Farmington tomorrow. Our nephew, Zachary, has really improved his race times. Top ten finish in his last race. If he keeps it up, he may end up running in the District 1 races in a couple of weeks. Go Zachary!!!

Again….if we owe you phone calls or email etc…bear with us while we get all this house stuff done.

Here is the latest St Louis Camera Club Nature results—yeah,I am an example of “it is better to be lucky than good”, but there is some pretty good photography going on in the club.

Busy Busy Busy

Apologies if we owe you a phone call, email or a face to face. We had a lot of construction/remodel/bring up to code work going on at the house this week.Add that to the everyday stuff that had to get done and you have that “dang,I forgot to do such and such at 10 pm realization”. No excuses, but that is the reason.

Yesterday, Molly took me to Lone Elk and we got some shots of the critters. I also came home with a sore throat and the beginning of a cold. In any event,here are 5 of Molly’s. Back button on your browser…well, you know the drill.

4 from Molly

Molly picked these 4 from her trip.

Check the gas prices on the old pumps—don’t we wish we were filling up at those prices??

Thanks to her Uncle Allen for taking her out to her secret stash of “rusty gold”.

Two direction weekend…..

Molly headed to Doniphan,MO (southeastern part of the state) to visit family and friends–get paid for some prints and maybe take a few photos. My plan was to go to Duck Hollow Farm and photograph ducks and then head even farther north to photo go-kart races then come back to the farm and spend the night at the cabin. Found out at the last minute that the deer hunting partner was going to be there and I did not want to mess up his hunting. That meant that I’d be coming home from go-kart races around midnight and driving the 2 1/2 to 3 hour trip back on unfamiliar roads to St Louis with an arrival time of 3 am plus or minus.

No brainer, eh?

Anyway, I did manage to go to one of my favorite places.With the skies going from semi-sun to overcast and a chilly NE wind–it felt more like duck hunting weather rather than duck photographing weather. Birds took forever to get any where close and with the light…results are mixed.

Here are few just to show I went LOL.

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