You Gotta Love Our Backyard

Kind of cool to look out the patio door and see these two in the tree behind the house. Haven’t looked to see if there is a nest being built in the woods near our property line. Turkeys are doing their ‘ghost’ thing—now you see them–now you don’t. Add the deer that cruised by while we were straightening up after the storm last night and it might be an interesting spring here.


Hope you all are staying warm. Hard to get around going from Mid 70’s to Mid 30’s. Winter obviously isn’t over yet.

Latest “Adventure”–

During a casual conversation one of our friends here in New Haven mentioned  that her daughter had some award-winning sheep.

Molly looked at me–I looked at her and the next thing we knew we had arranged to have a photo shoot. Had high overcast sky and balmy temperatures and friendly folks….and the the new lambs were a hoot.

Still doing some editing but here is a picture Molly took.

Ignore the chubby guy that wasn’t smart enough to get out of her background LOL

Our Little Valentine

Our niece Brandi took this picture (phone) of her little girl, Olivia, on the 11th of February. Close enough to Valentine’s day for me.

6 months old

Yes, we will have to ‘work’ with mom on her picture taking technique  and composition but you have to admit that Olivia is cute enough anyway.

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One of the things we miss about living in New Haven is not being close to the Mississippi River and seeing the Trumpeter Swans.

So we snuck off and went to see them recently.

Wasn’t a bad day but it wasn’t one of the better days due to wrong wind direction for a morning in flight shoot.

Like they say any day out seeing Nature’s bounty is better than working….AMEN!

Here is one of Molly’s.

(Canon 40D(OLD)- the OLD 500 mm,F 6.3,1/2000 @400 ISO–Might be time for new gear