Some late horn tootin’

Just over a week ago, Framations Gallery had a reception to celebrate their big annual photography competition/exhibition. (
A list of photographers and the credentials of the juror/judge are at the link above.

Our good friend Carolyn Schlueter ( had 3 images accepted into the juried show and our good friend Lori Biehl ( had 2 of her images accepted into the exhibition.
Congratulations to Carolyn and Lori. Great work you two!!

So,how did Forir Photography do??
Well, we had 7 out of 8 images accepted and an HM. Not too shabby and to add icing to the cake, we have sold 2 images from the show.

Here are Molly’s images

My images (Horse and Bridle-HM)

Happy New Year and Black-eyed Peas

Molly made sure to have enough black-eyed peas to ensure good luck for both of us.
(I never developed a ‘taste’ for them)
No weekly images this post.
Flood zones are places we stay out of as a general rule and all our hot spots are under water—-or at least the roads to them are.
Looks like it will be awhile before we can.
You have to feel for the people who got flooded out.
Another reason to be grateful.

So….what was it? 8 to 12 inches of rain?? That would be 80 to 120 inches of snow.

Not looking forward to when it really gets cold.

I get cold just looking at the image below– 🙂

Happy New Year…..and stay warm