Updated WordPress and found a number of comments that didn’t show up

I updated the WordPress version recently and I just went into the back-end of the WordPress “control panel” and there were a ton of comments that Molly and I did not know existed. If you commented and we did not respond,please realize that for some reason we did not receive the usual email notification that we have a comment on this or that post or image or whatever. Scott’s comments and John Watson’s recent comment were the ones that were the most effected.

Molly and I always appreciate the comments.

I may re-install the latest WordPress update and see if that cures the ‘problem’. If not then I will try to check the comments panel in the admin part of the database more frequently.

Thanks for your patience and understanding…now and in the future.


We are out of pocket this weekend

Our niece Brandi is visiting from out of town. Lot to do in a short time,so we might not have much photo time.
These images were taken by Molly last Sunday–mid dayish,as you can see from the hard light.
I was at Duck Hollow Farm helping get the place ready for the upcoming teal season, so she was out and about after she did ‘chores’.

Back button etc as usual.

Saturday 8/15/2015

This week’s gallery is from Molly’s visits to Watershed Nature Area and the Lewis-Clark Prairie.
All images taken with the ‘macro’ 100-400 and her trusty 40D.

As always click on thumbnail for larger version and use the ever present back button to return.

Now is the time……….

to hang a hummingbird feeder.
It appears that the hummingbird migration may be beginning.
We hung a new feeder late Thursday afternoon and had hummers buzzing it in less than 24 hours (which usually does not happen at our house)
Here are a few from the weekend.

All taken with a rented Canon 7DMKII (probably the fastest focusing camera I have ever used).