10 days in April…. Ok– 11 days in April

The goal was to do a weekly post— so much for goals LOL

Here is the last 10 -11 days

April 6
won a photography contest
part of a fund-raiser for a good cause
Follow link— we will be here when you get finished
April 8
gave a presentation with Paul Fisher about photographing Bosque del Apache
(not quite death by power point even if I did put it together—
if you would like the pdf version— just ask– LOL)
title slide below
April 14th
Photo shoot with the Jeffco Camera Club in De Soto, MO
Had 3 hot rods
models in period clothing– lot of fun
 2 of Molly’s photos  below— I think she knocked it out of the park
April 16
Went to Fairmount Park
First time since we moved to New Haven
Saw several photographers/friends and went to dinner with my friend Jim Ansley (track photographer)
Jim has 50 to 60 years as a photographer and he is quite the story-teller. He has some great stories and I am glad he decided that I am one of the people to tell them to–fascinating life. Still editing them.
April 17
Just found out that I placed first in the weekly St Louis Camera Open Digital  competition
image below
Cape Girardeau is next on the schedule
Molly will get # 3 of the 4 Missouri Covered Bridges along with the old mill at Bollinger State Park
I will probably take a few as well, but I think my major role will be ‘camera sherpa’ for all the gear she will want to take LOL
It has been a fun and hectic 10 or 11 days–
hope you all are well
Bill & Molly
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2 thoughts on “10 days in April…. Ok– 11 days in April

  1. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations and more congratulations
    Bill!!! Love your blog and yes it has been a photography filled fun 11 days for you and Molly!!! And yes Molly nailed it at the hot rod shoot!!! Cool captures Molly!!!!! Waiting hard to see both your pictures from your Covered Bridge to the Old Mill at Bollinger State Park and whatever else you find along the way! Happy shooting and safe travels always!

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