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In the last blog post, I mentioned being published in Take’em Magazine but not being able to post the images and essay due to having my back up drive in Troy Missouri.

Publisher, editor, ‘jack of all trades’ and chief cook and bottle washer, Gordy Gordon was nice enough to send me a pdf file with the actual copy used in the magazine.

I converted it to an image and uploaded it.

Here is the pdf conversion to jpg–

I have tried to set up a down loadable link —¬† I think it will work– if not, nothing ventured– nothing gained

Thanks Gordy– I appreciate it

Published in Take’em Magazine

Most of you know that my first love in photography is waterfowl. Even now, I try to get away and head to Two Rivers or DiSalvo’s farm as often as I can to try to get duck photos. Some of my favorites are green wing teal, blue wing teal, mallards, golden eyes, gadwall, wood ducks and of course more mallards and pintails.

I had an essay with photos about Northern Shovelers published in Take’em Magazine’s latest issue. I have had ‘writer’s block’ to some degree for several years and it was nice to begin the breaking out process. I hope to¬†continue to make progress with overcoming my writing block.

Unfortunately, my back up hard drive is in Foley, MO and it has the essay and the photos on it. Depending on how long it takes to get it back, I will post it on the blog if it isn’t “ancient history” by then.

Many of the archive blog posts have waterfowl in them. I find going back and looking at them is a good way to pass a hot summer day.

Try it— you might like it


Carolyn Schleuter “Best Of Show” At Lake St Louis Competition

I just heard that Carolyn Schlueter was awarded “Best In Show” for her image “PENSIVE MOMENT at the Lake St Louis Show.

Considering the stuff Carolyn has had to deal with in the last year or so, it is good to see that karma gives good news as well as bad.

Congratulations Carolyn— may you win many more!!!


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Carolyn Schlueter is home

We got a text last night that Carolyn is out of the hospital and is now home.

Her text indicated that she is in good spirits.

She thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.


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