Swans and shaking sticks

Molly and I were at the Heron Pond this morning at sunrise. Lot’s of swans……I mean a LOT OF SWANS!! Like the saying about more than you can shake a stick at—LOTS OF SWANS.

We have a lot of images to do a keep/throw away but they will have to wait—we painted the downstairs bath this afternoon.

Here is a Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) taken by Molly off a bean bag
Canon 40D 500mm + 1.4 extender ver 2 (700mm optical)–1/400 at f8 ISO 400



(1/2000 sec f/5.6 ISO 400 600mm F4 with 1.4 extender SOOC-no crop save to web processing)

Bring some glass with some ‘horsepower’ since they have not brought the pool up to maximum but I counted 18 swans yesterday am and look for more to start showing up soon.

Good luck and have fun.


Yep, we are waiting:
Waiting for the Trumpeter Swans to show up. I’m not sure if the swans have been this late since 2006,which was when it seemed they ‘found’ Riverlands. That was waaaaaayyyyy before the Audubon Center and was when the gear consisted of a 30D and the old 100-400.
Up at Duck Hollow Farm, the duck migration is so slow, it is essentially non-existent. Waiting there also.

House hunting is progressing but that is also a waiting game.

So until the big birds get here……from last year.

img_0798 copy