Our dear friend,Carolyn Schlueter (aka Cool Beans),was presented with the Creative Color Division Gold Award,for the St Louis Portion of the Mississippi Valley Photography Salon, an international photo competition.
As many of you know, Carolyn is a cracker jack photographer, piano player and painter.
Join us in congratulating Carolyn for her achievement.

Way to go Beans

Photos by Nancy Williams


One of our Holiday projects is to develop a calendar. This year we created the calendar using our new Canon IP 8720 printer (I love this printer). Last year we used Kodak glossy photo paper for the calendar. We found out that over the course of the year,the photo paper had a tendency to curl and in some cases, curl badly.
This year we think we have found a solution. We made the calendar out of Red River Paper’s 60lb matte double-sided inkjet paper. I had used matte paper in the past and really did not think much of that style of paper. However, when the first image came out of the printer, I was definitely sold. In fact, I think I like the matte better than the glossy photo paper. If you are looking for high quality inkjet printer paper, I would recommend that you order a sampler pack and do a few sample prints. You can get info about the sampler packs at this link

I needed to replace a printer that gave up the ghost after 10 plus years and did a lot of research. I really wanted to go large format (Canon 6400) but after checking the prices and realistically assessing the amount of prints that Molly and I make in a year, it made more sense to buy the IP8720 for making our calendars, greeting cards and some of our exhibition/competition images. Printing cost added to the cost to frame images for a 20 to 30 image gallery showing using traditional framing would run from $800 to $1500 or more. Now we know why prices for framed photography at art fairs etc are what they are. Have to sell a lot images to just break even LOL.

We are currently experimenting in some innovative alternatives to traditional frames and will hopefully have some techniques to share with you later this spring.

Anyway,here are the calendar images. They are 1000 pixels tall and I think 773 pixels wide and at web/screensaver resolutions (96ppi).
Click the thumbnail and find the view at full size link (lower right) and then right click the full size image-then Save As.
If you would like to have a pdf of the images at 8.5 x 11 inches and 300 ppi for printing on your printer of choice, let us know and we will develop it— assuming my old copy of Adobe Acrobat will still work.