New Haven Balloon Glow

Molly made it to the New Haven Balloon Glow Friday. This was her first balloon glow to shoot. I was going to be out of town for part of the glow hours so we guessed about settings etc. I was able to get home and grab the back up 40D and get to the New Haven City Park.

Learned a good lesson– they make F2.8 glass and cameras with high ISO capabilities for a reason.

Anyway— here are 3 of Molly’s images that I thought she did pretty well.

As always–click thumbnails for larger image

1st Day of Fall

fall2016Feels like it is still Summer LOL.

However, the mornings have been pleasant. Coffee and breakfast are better out on the patio. We get to see hummingbird ‘dog fights’ at our feeders and they often use us to shake an opponent’s dive bomb maneuvers. Biggest thrill lately was seeing a Baltimore Oriole hit the feeder perch….he was toooooo fast for us to get a photograph but what a memory.

We have been in the ‘new house’ for just over 6 months. Thanks to Carolyn Schlueter’s gift of a bluebird box, we have seen 3 broods of blue birds fledged. We have just about finished our house ‘improvements’– we have one more raised garden (4x8x2 or 64 cubic feet worth) to build. Looking forward to the heat to lessen and the leaves turning. Tons of hardwoods here and with all the rain……it should be a real color explosion. Elk at Lone Elk Park are getting active and the turkeys are starting to flock up (see lead in photo).

Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving– sandwich in duck season and Christmas between now and New Year’s.

Stay tuned– we have a big (for us anyway) announcement coming in November.

Soon as it cools down– we hope to get with the photography ‘program’.



Lori Biehl Photography

Like the old Beatles Sgt Pepper song, we would like to introduce to you….

Our good friend Lori Biehl. Lori has a passion for photography. She has won awards for her product photography and has been in several juried shows/galleries. She is one busy photographer working arena football, product, interior and portrait shots for a commercial lodge, rodeos, county fairs, senior portraits,as well as weddings and is one of the associate track photographers at Fairmount Park. Her real passion is motor sports but she also does a lot of travel photo work as well.

She recently took the big plunge and set up her website and has several projects in the works.

Please drop by her web site  or her Facebook page and enjoy.

Click on the thumbnails for a preview of her auto sports and auto related street photography.