Yep—-We is still here

Been a busy time period with spring cleaning, gardens, wet weather and all the associated chore lists.

Here is something that may be of interest.


There are several vendors and most have videos that how to use these handy items.

Molly and I had our niece Brandi bring her little girl Olivia to New Haven for a visit and to take photos of her as well. The photo shoot started at our house and ended in the Downtown New Haven Arts District. We decided to use the 8.5 x 11 inch portrait  Pinchbook to make Mother’s Day gifts for Brandi (Olivia’s mother) Laura (Brandi’s mom and Olivia’s Ma-Ma) and Molly’s mom aka Grams. Worked out much better than a CD with pictures.

Here is Olivia at Elizabeth’s Gift shop in New Haven. Olivia is 2 1/2 years old….and a ham LOL.

All this experimenting with making books has led us to other ventures, which we will talk about soon.


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