Hitting The Deck

When ducks want to land— THEY LAND!!!!!

Here a Gadwall Drake came in hot to land in the swamp hole at Duck Hollow Farms.

Impressive bubble trail eh??

Gadwall Drake creating bubble trail from landing in the water

Word Press Woes

I was in the process of working on some catch up posts and happened to look at some of the latest posts and the images. I noticed that WP had auto updated to a newer version and some glitches had popped up.

Seems the WP rendering engine is acting up again and some of the images are loading slow, despite keeping file sizes small, and they look very soft.

In the past, I reloaded the version and things straightened themselves out. I hope that is the case again. Will wait a few days and check it again.

Until then, bear with us and we will try to get a few new posts up that reflect what is going on in our little piece of paradise 🙂