Eclipse mania

Unless you have been off the grid for a very long time, you have heard that there is going to be a solar eclipse on August 21,2017

Here is a link to an image with the path etc in Missouri

Missouri Map with Eclipse path

Here in beautiful New Haven, here is what we will get:

Latitude: 38° 36′ 30″ N Longitude: 91° 13′ 09″ W
Duration of Totality*: 2m 31s Partial phase start: 11:47:59AM (CDT), at “1:30 o’clock” on the sun’s disk
Totality Start*: 1:15:02PM (CDT)


St Clair is directly on the path and they will get 2:40 seconds. I think we can live with 9 seconds less than St Clair 🙂


There is a ton of information on YouTube about how to photograph the eclipse.

I liked this clip for several reasons but mostly for the sources for photo filters by Dan Watson—  

The above on YouTube has links to the gear– sorry, it did not come through on the ’embedded media’

yes, you need a filter so you do not damage your DSLR’s sensor and it has a link for the solar viewing glasses. (so you do not damage your eyes–not many blind photographers to my knowledge– protect your eyes and your sunglasses won’t cut it)

Have fun folks…..






Congratulations are in order

The Jefferson County Fair recently conducted a photography contest.

We are pleased to announce that our good friends Betty and Paul Fisher and Leah and Scott Vilmer  did very well in the competition.


The Jefferson County Photography Club has a very nice write up at this link:

Please take the time to read the article and look at some very fine photography.

Congratulations to Leah,Betty,Paul and Scott for their excellent photography.

How Time Flies

Here it is— July 4th already. Seems like it was just yesterday it was Memorial Day. Summer is about half over and we have a ton of chores to do here at the house.

Zachary was here last week after attending his running camp. It is his senior year and we hope he does well both in running and his studies.

Molly and I were having coffee last Monday  morning thinking of where to take a day trip. We were looking at Meramec Springs Park and then we received an email from our good friend Fred Henning. Fred is one of the most dedicated and talented bird photographers. He was talking about not finding any Redheaded Woodpeckers and said he found some at ….yep, Meramec Springs Park. A quick reply and Fred told us where he found the birds and we planned a trip for Tuesday morning.

Tuesday arrived and we were fogged in. When it lifted we decided to take a road to I-44 that we had never been on before. Talk about over the river and through the woods 🙂

Anyway– these are ones that Molly took that I thought were interesting showing feeding behavior between adult and juvenile.

All taken with Canon 40D and the Canon 500mm with a 1.4 extender.