Took a day off from packing

Went to one of our favorite spots on the Illinois River yesterday and photographed Green Wing Teal and other waterfowl. Add an eagle or two.
Here are three of Molly’s images from the day.

Now back to packing…just over 2 weeks to go.

Haven’t been out much

Too cold
Too much packing for the move
and too much snow and fog lately

We hope to take a break from packing and all the stuff associated with moving and get out this weekend until then…..

Here are some of Molly’s images from earlier in the year


We finally found a house and we bought it!

Wednesday afternoon when we finished touring the house and was leaving,Molly saw a flock of wild turkeys on a nearby property.

She said it was a sign…….and I guess it was LOL

Here is the listing site with all the particulars

Our new house