Images from Paulette Cigliana

As an example of how behind we are…..

These images were going to be the basis of a Mother’s Day post. Our very good friend Paulette Cigliana is the unofficial/official “Barn Mom” for several thoroughbred race horses. She frets over her ‘babies’ and brings them carrots ( she says she keeps several grocery stores in business buying them) and peppermints. Horse may like to eat apples or carrots but if you really want to get on the “Love List”— give them a peppermint.

Paulette has taken several photographers like yours truly under her wing and pointed out some of the intricacies of horse racing. She and Carolyn Schlueter are the “Fun Girls”. It is a long story best told by the “Fun Girls” themselves.

You can find Paulette standing on one of the picnic tables at Fairmount taking pictures of the horses and the jockeys– and enjoying the beauty of horses and the skill of the jockeys. She is also fretting that everything goes well during the races. Look up ‘cannon bone and race horses’ sometimes and realize the miracle that everything goes right when 1500 pound horses are running full throttle down a race track.

Anyway– enjoy the photos