Molly knocks my socks off……

Molly’s aunt and uncle, Bonnie and Allen Hackley, are in the process of opening a new restaurant just outside Doniphan,MO. Doniphan is the county seat of Ripley County and is located in Southeast Missouri near the Current River.

They called asking us to provide some photographs to decorate the walls and act as a ‘photo gallery’ ( they are for sale). They originally wanted some of our nature images but we convinced them to go with something more local. Since Molly spent many summers in Doniphan visiting her grandmother and other family and is familiar with the area, I suggested she take on the project.

Molly went down to see the new restaurant and then proceeded to produce some really unique photographs. I helped her with the post processing but she deserves all the credit for the project. We have had several other photographers review the photos to help refine the selection. They are impressed with Molly’s images.

Everyone that has seen the propane tanks with red caps has loved it!!!!!!!

Her new stuff has knocked my socks off– hope you all enjoy them. Click for larger image