Knocking Off Some Winter’s Rust

We went up to DiSalvo’s Farm Sunday to see what was happening and to see how the work is going on for his new house. Molly also brought him a home made loaf of bread. We figured he already had the salt and the fire so it would count as a house warming gift as well. :))

We found a few ducks that were using the place. We think these were ‘scouts’ since there did not seem to be a lot of ducks around BK Leach. Now we could be early or maybe we are late— hard to tell with the weather.

After months of not photographing birds that are moving, I had to regain some old skills like finding the bird in the viewfinder (think of it like trying to look down a straw), catching up with the bird and have the auto focus stay on the bird. We had ‘other fish to fry’ and packed it up when the light got harsh ( it did not take long).

So here are 10 shots. The one named farm1 shows some of the difficulties when there is a cluttered back ground– add both subject and background being essentially the same “shade” and my ‘rust’, it didn’t result in total failure anyway.



I had lunch with award winning photographer Lori Biehl not long ago. We were discussing a future project scheduled for late spring. I asked her what she had been shooting lately and she showed me a few images on her phone about ice racing. I was blown a way and I think you will be also.  Consider the photographic puzzle presented here. Relatively low light, lots of white and very very slow shutter speeds– add the fact that the subjects are moving pretty fast relative to shutter speeds and it calls for great skill in panning. Lori has it in spades.

Lori truly has a passion for motor racing and has worked hard to achieve the recognition of being a very fine racing photographer.

You can see more at her website Lori Biehl Photography or her Facebook page Lori Biehl Photography-Facebook


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