1880 Train

When we were planning our trip to the Black Hills we came across this attraction. We both thought …why not?? Turned out to be a delightful trip through the countryside and the train itself is charming. Again…..very nice people.

These are some of Molly’s favorites
(click to see larger image from thumbnail)

Mama Bison


Not sure it gets any better than this–Molly nailed it with her 40D and 100-400

BTW–this is NOT the buffalo that almost stuck its head in Molly’s window

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South Dakota “Meerkats”

Molly got the biggest kick out of photographing prairie dogs or as we started calling them, “South Dakota Meerkats”. There were some pups that came running up to within a foot or two of her when she was sitting with her back against the vehicle.

Here are a few of her images (click thumbnail for larger images)

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Trip To The Black Hills

As I related in the last post,Molly wanted to go to Mount Rushmore. I wanted to see buffalo and buffalo calves. Here is a teaser of what Molly got while we were there.

Rented a “SUV”–2016 Nissan Pathfinder for the trip. It exceeded our expectations in cargo room and ran 80+ (speed limit in South Dakota)for hours on end with no hiccups.

We stayed at Legion Lake Lodge cabins (Custer State Park-maintained by the State of Dakota).
The Lodge was in the process of being renovated but the cabin was nice and we had one of the 3 lakeside units.

Side note: Nothing like having a herd of bison/buffalo stop traffic on a state highway–
Most were old bulls and the description we used for them was ‘Big Boy McCoys’–they are massive and they definitely have the right of way

Molly has a tale to tell about a close encounter with a mama buffalo.

On to the images