We aren’t the only ones moving into a new house

When we left St Louis, Carolyn Schlueter (The hardest working photographer in show business), gave us a blue bird house. With help from Mr John at El-Mel, we assembled the necessary stuff to get it ready for installation at the ‘new house’. Put it up last Thursday and we saw a male bluebird stake out the new digs. Soon there was a female and yesterday we had coffee and shot pictures of them moving in.

Nothing like shooting bluebird images on your patio with coffee and still wearing your house shoes.

We are waiting for furniture to be delivered here and then we will be ready for guests but if you can’t wait– let us know and we will have coffee and goodies ready and you can photograph the blue birds (or robins,cardinals,chickadees, juncos,woodpeckers,gold finches etc)in comfort with us.
Oh…and by the way we also have hawks, turkey vultures and the occasional eagle flying,roosting and other wise hanging around.

Pictures by Molly– un-cropped (re-sized for web) and minimal sharpening. Equipment: Canon 40D with 500mmL and 1.4 extender.

30 Years Ago Today

No photography but 30 years ago today– Molly and I got married.
We are taking the day off from unpacking and all the stuff we have had to do now that we are ‘house rich and money poor’ (the old one for sale and the new one to live in).

We now know what the phrase “It is a marathon….not a sprint” means 🙂

More later