Now I know………

Why I didn’t become a plumber. Still fighting the good fight but it looks like a major “surgery” for our old plumbing system.
Thought we had it licked but it isn’t going to go down without a fight. 🙂

Molly will be off to the cross-country races in Farmington tomorrow. Our nephew, Zachary, has really improved his race times. Top ten finish in his last race. If he keeps it up, he may end up running in the District 1 races in a couple of weeks. Go Zachary!!!

Again….if we owe you phone calls or email etc…bear with us while we get all this house stuff done.

Here is the latest St Louis Camera Club Nature results—yeah,I am an example of “it is better to be lucky than good”, but there is some pretty good photography going on in the club.

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