Hey–Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday and it is a SUPER MOON as well

In case, y’all haven’t heard, there is a Super Moon Sunday and it is also going to be a total lunar eclipse.

The next total lunar eclipse is not until January 2018.
The next total lunar eclipse with a Super Moon will be 32 years from now.
No comments on how old some of us will be when that happens again LOL.

Here is a link to the timing of the various stages:

More information about them

How to photograph one

This is the one from last April

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2 thoughts on “Hey–Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday and it is a SUPER MOON as well

  1. Too bad our region was blacked out from all that cloud cover. Been dry for weeks and just when we have this great event ‘poof’ clouds everywhere. Guess that’s mother nature for you.

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