You gotta love it

Saturday, I headed up to Duck Hollow Farm and did very well on Opening Day of Teal Season. Molly headed to Lone Elk and as they say
“the proof is in the pudding”.

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4 thoughts on “You gotta love it

  1. Boy did you ever get lucky Molly!!! Some days you might only see one Elk or one rabbit or one squirrel! Glad you hit the jackpot!!!!

  2. Hey Carolyn
    She was up at 4am that day (Saturday) so she could get me out the door at 5 and then get her gear ready and then out the door herself. It is almost an hour drive from our house to Lone Elk and she was determined to get there when they opened. and hoped for good light.

    She follows the ‘go early–stay late’ school of photography.

    Works pretty good eh?

    See you soon

  3. I enjoy visiting Lone Elk Park as it connects me back to my roots. All your pictures are just fantastic as these really show. Thank you both for posting your hard work for all of us to enjoy.

  4. Scott

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I know Molly loves Lone Elk and has as much fun taking the pictures we do seeing them.

    Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.


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