Courtesy of Take’em Magazine

In the last blog post, I mentioned being published in Take’em Magazine but not being able to post the images and essay due to having my back up drive in Troy Missouri.

Publisher, editor, ‘jack of all trades’ and chief cook and bottle washer, Gordy Gordon was nice enough to send me a pdf file with the actual copy used in the magazine.

I converted it to an image and uploaded it.

Here is the pdf conversion to jpg–

I have tried to set up a down loadable link —  I think it will work– if not, nothing ventured– nothing gained

Thanks Gordy– I appreciate it

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4 thoughts on “Courtesy of Take’em Magazine

  1. FABULOUS Photography Mr. Bill and congratulations on being a published photographer! Excellent photos and write up!!!!

    Kudos from Carolyn S.

    • Thanks Miss Beans
      Hope all is going to plan for you and we get to see your smiling face sometime before year end.
      Call Molly sometime ok?


    • Thanks Mike
      A lot of ducks have flown over since we shared a duck blind eh?
      Best to you and the family.
      Thanks for dropping in and leaving me a comment.


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