New Haven Balloon Glow

Molly made it to the New Haven Balloon Glow Friday. This was her first balloon glow to shoot. I was going to be out of town for part of the glow hours so we guessed about settings etc. I was able to get home and grab the back up 40D and get to the New Haven City Park.

Learned a good lesson– they make F2.8 glass and cameras with high ISO capabilities for a reason.

Anyway— here are 3 of Molly’s images that I thought she did pretty well.

As always–click thumbnails for larger image

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2 thoughts on “New Haven Balloon Glow

  1. Molly … you were way too modest this morning when we talked and you said well you got a couple pictures of the balloon glow! These are g-r-e-a-t!!!



  2. Hey Carolyn

    You know Molly’s aversion to computers…so, she asked me to reply and I quote

    Thank you

    and roll out the red carpet!!!!!! LOL

    I guess she or I will have to break open the piggy bank and get some F 2.8 glass and go wide as well

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