30 Years Ago Today

No photography but 30 years ago today– Molly and I got married.
We are taking the day off from unpacking and all the stuff we have had to do now that we are ‘house rich and money poor’ (the old one for sale and the new one to live in).

We now know what the phrase “It is a marathon….not a sprint” means 🙂

More later

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8 thoughts on “30 Years Ago Today

  1. Thanks Scott
    Up until the past few weeks, I thought that surviving a canoe trip and still talking to each other was the ultimate sign that things would last— now I know moving into a new house after being in the old one for 28 years and all the trauma and drama of doing same may be the ultimate test 🙂

    Take’em was one of the few publications that made the trip to the new place–

    DU and other magazines did not.

  2. Thanks Wayne
    We decided that canoe trips were not a good idea during our fishing adventure days…….

    I am surprised that divorce lawyers don’t have ads at the take out spots for popular canoeing rivers LOL

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