Vacation Time For Molly

Molly has the entire month off in December. (Yes, I’m envious LOL)

This year she is putting a big dent in the 10,000 hours rule by photographing just about everyday.
She took Saturday morning off due to the rain and decided to just watch Saturday pm because she has a touch of muscle strain from handholding the 500mm Friday.
Thanks to John Watson for ‘playing bodyguard’ Friday at Riverlands and guide at Columbia Bottoms.

Here are a few that I thought she did a great job on.
For larger image click the thumbnails.

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6 thoughts on “Vacation Time For Molly

    • Bill
      Good seeing you Saturday–glad that Sidekick worked out for you. This evening the wind shifted to more NW and most of the birds either landed back in the corner or flew to the Pintail Pond.

      Molly told me to thank you for your comments and that being off all December means she didn’t take any vacation earlier in the year so she needed it. 🙂

  1. John

    Molly said you gave her the Grand Tour and I appreciate you running “interference” for her at the Heron Pond.

    Thanks for the link to your smugmug gallery– A#1 STUFF!!!

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