Week In Review


It has been a fun week.

The daily mail delivery brought a document proclaiming that I had been inducted into The Order of Nimrod ( a biblical hunter). The document had a California address and came from Sam Hampton aka The Marshmaster . Sam is a talented story teller, artist and artisan. A high honor indeed. Thanks Sam.

I had an impromptu photo shoot with the folks that run Astral Glass here in New Haven. Joining me was the talented Holly Ross. It allowed me a chance to try my hand at no flash ‘high’ ISO photography. Lighting was tricky but the results are below. If you come to our house and depending on your schedule, you can be assured of two things. You are going to go to Astral Glass to see the beautiful work they do and get fed with a Lancito’s pizza. If they are not open, then you will have to settle for us and whatever we grill LOL.

The Jefferson County Photography Club had their first intra-club projected photo competition Thursday. Molly received a 3rd place trophy for her image ( see below). Her Camera Sherpa ( me) got a HM ribbon. It reminded me of Molly’s answer to Kathy O’s asking her why she was taking Kathy’s beginning photography course.

” So, I can beat Bill”

Don’t worry….I’m used to it  LOL


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5 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. Ha! Ha! Well you are both fantastic photographers in my book! Loved your pictures from Astral Glass and congrats again to both you and Molly Bill on your winning pictures from the Jefferson County Photography Club!! Both are awesome.


  2. PS The “Ha! Ha!” in my above comment was in reference to Molly’s answer to Kathy O about why she was taking this beginning photography class! You two are a hoot!


  3. Not sure how high you went on the ISO but the photos look very clean to me. That new camera is paying dividends.

    • Lee

      I was using a non-stabilized set of lenses (30-80 mm and a 70-210 mm), so the ISO was bumped to increase shutter speed. I probably should have metered and then worked in Manual but I was just having fun.

      I set it in AV mode, ISO 1600,which coming from our old cameras is ‘high’ for us. I also underexposed by 1/3 stop. Most of the pix had shutter speeds of between 1/20 and 1/80 of a second. So, you can imagine what and ISO of 400 would have been. For a first effort, I am very pleased.

      Thanks for dropping by


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