A year ago today—

We moved to New Haven

Had unloaded everything and set up the bare necessities

Come to think about it– around this time we were having Lancito’s pizza with Lori and Dan Biehl

Hope all of you are warm and enjoying the weekend


and since it is a photo blog– here is a quick down and dirty 1DX file


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2 thoughts on “A year ago today—

  1. OMG! As ‘unphotographers’ will comment ‘that camera sure takes good pictures!’ Awesome capture with that new 1DX Bill!! Perfection plus plus!!

    Hard to believe an entire year has passed since your big move into God’s Country. So glad things happened the way they did … old house sold quickly and your new residence is beautiful and you and Molly have made your new house into a lovely, warm and comfortable home!


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