Molly does it again!

Manchester Arts, part of Manchester,MO city government, sponsors a juried photography contest for area photographers. We were encouraged to enter by Renee Townsend, President of the Jefferson County  Photography Club. This year they had 237 entries. The entry categories are based on age. Sub teen,Teen,21-49 and 50+. We were told this is a very competitive event and to make the show is quite an achievement.

All of our images made the show.


Molly received THE BEST IN SHOW AWARD and a cash prize. Her winning entry is titled: “Bison Feeding”.

Photo by Renee Townsend

The Camera Sherpa (me) came home with 2nd place  in the 50+ age group and a nice cash prize as well. The entry is titled:  “Tatanka”.

Photo by Renee Townsend

I am very happy for Molly and very proud as well….you go girl!
Keep bringin home that ‘bacon’ LOL

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12 thoughts on “Molly does it again!

  1. Big time congratulations to both of you!!! National Geographic look out for the Coatney’s!!!!


  2. Thanks Beans

    Molly might be some one for NatGeo to look out for but I doubt I am much of a ‘threat’ LOL

    Nice talking with you yesterday–thinking good things for you tomorrow
    Love ya


    • Scott

      Molly and I have had the benefit of learning from some of the best photographers in the area and also seeing a lot of high quality images—
      some of them from the folks that have commented here.
      If we have success it is because we have been helped along the way.

      We are lucky to have such friends– thanks for your support


  3. Lee

    You may have a point but we like The Black Hills area. We have some ‘unfinished business’ there since we did not spend any time in The Badlands and I’d like to get a look at The Wind River Cave area. I think we would also like to see the area you told about in your photos– Rocky Mountain National Park but that will have to wait until Molly can get some time off in September— which may not be doable in her present job.



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