Shorebirds,BlackBirds,Hooded Mergansers,Teal and Pelicans OH My

Well, I have been retired for a week now. Feels a little strange but it has been a great week. Spent most of it at Columbia Bottoms photographing or running to Cabela’s looking for .22 long rifle ammunition. There were times I just laid the camera down and just watched and enjoyed the natural world go about its business.

Water draining rapidly at Columbia Bottom and any birds related to water or mud will soon find slim pickings there. Thanks to Kathy O’Donnell and John Watson for the information where the American Pelicans have been hanging out on the Illinois side below the Chain of Rocks Bridge. The area usually is packed on weekends but today┬áit was just me and a couple of fishermen………and the pelicans of course.

Here are a few images


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