Swan,gray skies and will Spring ever get here?

As some of you know, Molly and I had our 27th wedding anniversary on March 20th…..the first day of Spring. We usually head to Gaston’s Resort for our annivesary. We look forward to relax and photograph bluebirds, tree swallows and all the critters along the White River.

I say usually because we had to cancel our visit. The Missouri/Arkansas line got hit with about 5+ inches of snow and ice with a promise of more to come. The narrow roads do not make travel feasible in those conditions. So…..no bluebirds but you photograph what you can when you can.

We spent a nasty( per Molly),cold,cloudy and windy  Friday afternoon at Columbia Bottoms hoping to get images of harriers or pintails or mallards. We got Northern Shovelers. 🙂 Gray skies mean bland white backgrounds for flight shots but also mean soft light and saturated colors  for water level shots.

Before going home, we decided to scout Riverlands in case we wanted to go there on Saturday. A surprise was finding a swan still in the channel east of the Heron Pond. Really late in the year for swans. We hope the bird isn’t injured but it would be a treat to be able to photograph a swan at close range when the Heron Pond is open to foot traffic in a couple of weeks.

According to the weatherman, we are looking at 4+ inches at our house by dark on Sunday. The bright spot? By the time I retire  Friday, March 29, it is supposed to be in the 50’s….I must be doing something good karma wise…….. Spring…..ya got to love it.


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