A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican,
He can take in his beak
Enough food for a week
But I’m damned if I see how the helican!

Dixon Lanier Merritt -1910

Pelicans are in at Riverlands,as flood waters over run the causeway at the dam. On Saturday there were a gazillion (scientific measurement 🙂 ). John Watson was about to call us when we pulled up. Text Messages were sent and many other Camera Club photographers arrived.

Sunday the water was higher and the pelicans while still in good numbers were fewer than Saturday. Sunday morning was a cold affair with temperatures not much above freezing with a good East wind to boot. Sunday afternoon, was warmer in more than one way. Long story that will wait.

This morning, even fewer. There will be birds close to the ramp as long as the water is high but the higher the water,the harder it will be for the birds to fish and they will go where the food is.

A few for your ‘viewing pleasure’   🙂

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  1. Bill
    I remember a day hunting on Oologah Lake. I rowed the boat out and set about a half dozen decoys. The Pelican swam into the decoys and could not seem to understand why the did not move. They swam back and forth for almost an hour. Never even got a shot at a duck, but was one of my most remembered day of hunting.

    • Sam
      For such an ungainly looking bird, they are strong and graceful flyers. At times soaring at altitudes where they are mistaken for snow geese and at other times gliding about 18 inches off the water surface using a ‘ground effect” for extreme distances.

      It has been a few years since I was last at Oolagah and they were in a drought then. Now that I’m retired, I hope to get back there more often to see family and of course try and call some mallards into the flooded timber– for the gun or the camera (more likely for the camera these days).

      Glad the images brought such a pleasant memory.


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