Squaw Creek Trip–thanks to Joel Dunbar

It has been a busy week. Went to Squaw Creek last Monday and Tuesday–drove home Wednesday, took a CCW class Thursday and our niece Brandi graduated from high school yesterday.

Since y’all are more interested in photography than the other two events, I’ll tell you a bit about the trip. Joel Dunbar, good friend, duck and goose guide, former state duck calling champ and extremely talented photographer  ( see his images here http://joeldunbar.smugmug.com/ ) sent me an email on Friday telling me that Avocets were at Squaw Creek and if I could swing it– for me to get my tail up there ASAP.

Well, Molly and I had chores, weather was iffy but by Sunday evening, I got the wanderlust and called the Super 8 in Mound City and reserved a room for Monday night and Tuesday night. Sent an email to Joel telling him I was coming and would call him when I got to Mound City.

After a 5 hour run ( GPS said it was supposed to take me 5 and one-half hours) I pulled in the parking lot of the Super 8. Mound City is about 1 hour (+/-) or so north of Kansas City for those of you that don’t know where it is at– Google or Bing or Yahoo is your friend. Met Joel and he graciously showed me the sights and the hotspots. IF you have never gone to Squaw Creek ( I had never been there) be prepared to find out how large an area it is. Place has a 13 mile or so auto tour loop. Joel says they will have a million plus snow geese using the refuge in Februrary. I’ve added a short gallery of good images—- the best stuff is still waiting for me to post process it.

After seeing the RAW files,Molly is already planning a trip there for this winter. She hasn’t ruled out a summer swing through either. Not an expert on the area but thanks to Joel, I at least know which way the sun will be shining and where there might be a image waiting for us.


Thanks Joel.

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One thought on “Squaw Creek Trip–thanks to Joel Dunbar

  1. Bill,
    Thanks for the kind words.Hope the trip was worth the drive and you got some good images.I enjoyed the company and the great stories you got, it’s been a few years.
    Come back anytime.

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