When it comes to ducks?? Yeah,I can see why people would say that. If there is anyone to blame it would be my old friend Sam Hampton. He was the person that got me into all the duck stuff. That led to me chasing them from Canada to The Gulf of Mexico in two flyways.

These days, I ‘shoot’ more of them with a camera than a shotgun, but you could say that either way– yeah….I’m obsessive.

Trying to learn how all the auto focus and other features work on the new 1DX.

Image is a major crop and except for a kiss with the sharpening brush at 50%-is straight out of the camera. I think I am going to like this camera. Settings in text in image for those that are interested.

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5 thoughts on “Obsessive???

    • Thanks Scott
      This camera is something else– hope I can figure it out as well as the old one.
      I am looking forward to using this camera for horse racing, air shows and teal season should be a hoot.

      Hope you too Miss Jess out for pizza 😉


    • Well Sam
      Sometimes is seems like a long way but it also seems like it was just a few years ago that I got that first duck at Lake Heyburn. I still have the topo map with all the places where duck history was made like Dry Corner,Sam’s Crossing, Two Duck Slough, Riley Lake.

      I still laugh when I remember the time that fellow at The Oxbow couldn’t get the ducks to finish and when they started climbing out you tree-topped a fat mallard drake. After he finished calling you everything but a Child of God, you told him….and I quote
      “Well, if you’d learn to call ducks, you wouldn’t have that problem”

      To this day….perhaps the greatest put down in duck hunting history LOL

      Good times, good people and good memories


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