Jumping in with both feet

As many of you know, I have been looking to replace my old Canon 1DMKIIN that finally died after 545,000 clicks and two replaced shutters. I’ve been using Molly’s back-up 40D which sometimes drives me crazy.

The candidates were the Canon 7DII, the 5DsR and the latest 5DIV.  I had pretty much decided on looking for a 7DII on sale or a good used copy. For grins, I looked at the Canon 1DX.

Yep…….I bought the 1DX.

The one I bought had 22k clicks (rated for 400,000) and I am blown away by it. It will run 12 frames/sec,blazing fast auto focus and 18 mega-pixels ( the conversion software says 22.6 but that probably includes metadata and embedded jpg). The frame rate,auto focus and buffer blows a 7DII out of the water and the 7DII is no slouch ( see Lee’s elk photos  http://forirphotos.com/wordpress/?p=2267 ).

So now I have to learn to use it and after reading the manual, I have come to the conclusion that the camera is smarter than I am LOL.

Yes, it is a photo blog– 2 pix of the camera and quick test shot on a bluebird that we hope will get a mate and nest in our bluebird nesting box.

click for larger version

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6 thoughts on “Jumping in with both feet

  1. Big Congratulations Bill! That new camera was way long overdue and what great luck you had in finding a used and almost like new 1DX!!!!!!!! So happy for you and that’s an awesome picture of the Bluebird!!! With the calibre of photography you and Molly do you deserve a camera like this and then some! Enjoy capturing the moments!


  2. Thanks Beans

    There is a lot to learn on setting that beast up ( metering is way different from Molly’s 40D) and how to post process the images once you get them.

    We are looking forward to you getting the green light to come out and try your hand at photographing our hummingbirds (bring a remote release)–
    we will feed you and the iced tea is always good but hold out for the lemonade– it is fantastic LOL

    Won’t be long

  3. Hey John
    Congrats on getting that 7DII– it is truly a fine camera
    Lensrentals.com– good people– I have rented stuff from them since dirt was cheap– they keep there stuff in pristine condition and they won’t sell junk.
    Good call!!

    It was a real toss-up on the 7DII– I loved its frame rate…and price
    ( retirement has everything going for it …but $$$$ LOL)
    Add the crop factor and you have a wildlife camera that is pro level– just look at Lee’s elk images —
    I know you will produce images of high quality as well with it.


  4. A 1DX!! Holy smokes you did jump in with both feet. I’m sure you will love it and get many years of use out of it. Congratulations on your new toy. Look forward to seeing the photos.


  5. Thanks Lee

    Your 7DII shots at 21 megs had me leaning real hard but I ended up going with a great deal that came out of the blue.

    If nothing else, I can always fall back on the excuse when you take a better picture than me (like your elk stuff), that you have more megs to play with LOL.


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