New Stuff

“Big Doings” at the ranch. New Stuff came in this week.

NIK Software now loaded to the main lap top–

Dfine,Sharpener Pro,Viveza and Color Efex Pro. This is a sweet package…… when the filters work on an image. I like this set up better than the Topaz set but there is a HUGE difference in cost also between Topaz (reasonable price) and NIK (let’s just say the folks at NIK are ‘pretty proud’ of their stuff– justifiably but still pricey nonetheless). Learning this software requires watching a lot of their video tutorials since there is NO written documentation…. or help screen per se.

Biggest addition is the new 600mm F4 IS L III. Finally came in after ordering it 6 months ago. Kathryn Dow at Hunt’s stayed on top of this and when the latest shipment of 2 lens came in, she made sure I got one of them. This lens is different than the previous model and it will take some getting used to and practice to dial it in.

Gallery images–

Flying The Cutbank was actually a throwaway that I used to play with the NIK stuff– I’m kind of impressed that it came out pretty decently– image was shot with the “old 500” in not the best circumstances. Was aiming at an old school ‘painterly’ style effect like they used to have in old issues of Sports Afield,Outdoor Life and Field and Stream.

Titmouse Test 600– Molly shot this one with the new 600– not bad but we need to work on technique a bit  🙂  Actually, she just walked up and pretty much nailed it ( so much for needing work on technique)

Morning Buck was taken this am– Used the NIK filters to do some contrast work and add a bit of vignette but otherwise is just about straight out of the camera. Sharpened with my standard sharpening settings. Molly suggested the back drop color which was taken from the images browns. Could not resist the Drop Shadow and I posted it at one of the web sites I own for all my deer hunter friends since tomorrow is opening day for them.


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