Weekend Report 11-09 thru 11-11

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Had a late doctor appointment Friday so I ran out to Riverlands for a quick session. Found a good number of swans on the area. The pond just east of Two Pecan Trail had 5 swans. The pond that is between Two Pecan and Heron had the most swans on it but I was unable to get an accurate count for it. Their were no swans on Heron Pond until later in the morning. The swans on Heron Pond stayed for a about and hour and then moved to the pond that is between Heron and Two Pecan (east) ponds– see image.


Saturday,Molly and I were at Riverlands before dawn. Broken clouds were the rule until around 7:30 which made photography challenging. Ran into Jeff Kezele and we tried to get some good shots in the Two Pecan Trail area but decided to move to Heron Pond when the harriers decided to begin their patrol.

Wind was not optimal for flight images and the birds wanted to hang out at less than optimal distances. Big glass just really couldn’t offset the circumstances…even adding extenders.




 “Highlight” of the day was when the Audubon birders descended upon Heron Pond. Probably 30 plus birders. Several started to head for the water’s edge until George G yelled at them. Seems they did not read the many signs telling people that the area is off limits between October 15 and April 15.

Sunday was again a mixed bag. Clouds at dawn but then we got some good soft light with high cloud cover. One of  these days I will remember that just because you have a lens with a F4 aperture, you still need a good amount of light.

Caught three mallards as they passed one of the Pecan Trees heading for breafast. I still wish I had another stop of light but the image still works…. for me anyway.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Report 11-09 thru 11-11

  1. Bill
    You’re killing me with these shots. Nice job of keeping focus on the Mallards right in front of the tree. You are doing a great job of popping the birds out the the background on these shots.

    • John

      If you could see all the out of focus shots of a harrier from today,you would have taken the camera away before I seriously hurt myself LOL

      Couldn’t focus my tookus with both hands if you know what I mean 😉

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