Since the Trumpeter Swans didn’t cooperate……

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We got lucky and saw a gazillion pelicans. Haven’t had time to really work on the images but I did pick one and it is the featured image on the left.

George G sent an email saying he saw two Trumpeters in the Teal Pond last weekend (10/28/2012). When Molly and I made the drive up to Riverlands, sure enough there were 2 swans but they were at the far west end and even 700mm couldn’t make a decent image. By the time they decided to fly out, the light had gone and we didn’t get anything worth posting.

Latest report is that there are now 7 trumpeters.

George had a really nice image of them flying out of Heron Pond the other morning with the near full moon in the background. Forecast for Saturday morning looks like rain and clouds but it may break after noon. Regardless of the weather, we plan on going to see them– any photos will be gravy. 🙂

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