Getting in gear

We have opened the house to air out,topped off the raised beds and have lettuce and radishes in the ground. I gave a presentation on bird photography to the O’Fallon,MO Camera Club on Wednesday and then there is the usual drama and trauma of the extended family.

Highlight of the week was meeting up with award-winning photographer,Scott Villmer last Sunday to photograph at an eagle nest. The day started with me meeting Scott at the Junie Moon Cafe in Union. Great breakfast…for my friend Sam on the West Coast– it is better than anything Bliss Restaurant turned out. Really good stuff and if you are in Union and looking for good food– go there.
After fueling up, we went to the site of the nest on some of Scott’s family’s property. Had a ball shooting the site. Met several of Scott’s family members and ‘might as well be family’ members. Saw an ongoing log cabin restoration,several log cabins that have been restored and talked with some very nice people. Also, Scott got some fresh eggs at his sister’s– can’t beat that.

Scott’s website link……. and he is literally telling the truth when he says he carries a camera with him all the time.

Here is one of Scott’s images from our outing– this is the only frame either of us has of both chicks with their heads up– great timing eh?

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