MLK King Day shoot

MLK King day started off cold and windy. Hit Riverlands early. As I turned off 367 I looked at Teal Pond– a few Canada Geese, some diver ducks and gulls…. not much happening.

Heron Pond? What a contrast from Saturday where there were plenty of swans, geeseĀ and ducks, now there were maybe a dozen mallards….at best. Looked like Riverlands was going to be a bust. So back to Teal Pond. After 30 minutes of having strong wind blowing in the driver’s side, I decided to park facing Ellis Bay to get out of the wind. George stopped and we got a eagle fly over and I managed a few shots.

Decided that I might run up to Hideaway so started to leave– and saw a Jeep pulled over and big ol white lens sticking out the window on the Lincoln Shields side of 367. Knowing the area and where the lens was pointing I knew he had found the Kestrel. I went up and turned around. Easing slowly into place so I wouldn’t spook the Kestrel, I stopped and began to get a few shots. Birders began stopping and doing their thing and ended up spooking the Kestrel. I started to leave and saw….another Kestrel.

Got some keepers out of the day– from bust to boom




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  1. For some reason, the images are coming out much lighter on the blog than they are on our laptops and as they show in CS6

    Any ideas why?

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