SATURDAY AM-1/19/2013

Molly and I have not been to Riverlands much this year ( hey,it is only Jan 20th 🙂  )So, we thought a morning trip would be a good thing. One thing you can count on is running into George G, ‘senior photographer” of Riverlands. Looking fit as a fiddle, or as he puts it ” I’ve taken nourishment”, George was running the roads looking for something interesting to photograph. He reported that one of his Nikon’s was on the blink– we hope the problem is minor.

Molly and I had to shoot long distance at the swans in Heron Pond which has it pros and cons. I attached one of her images of the Trumpeter swans taking off at the end of this post.

On the way out we ran into a Great Blue Heron. I’m always amazed at the toughness of these birds– especially when the area freezes over.The portrait is the result. The image in the marsh is from Columbia Bottoms which had very little water and had not totally thawed during the recent warm up.

gbh_01192013 trumpeters_01192013 gbh_01182013

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4 thoughts on “SATURDAY AM-1/19/2013

  1. I love those shots…beautiful!
    Had a so-so day at BK Leach. Did find a nice place that’s LOADED with ducks that just needs some good blind work. They’re all Mallards, but they are beautiful and there are thousands of them…non-stop action. Harriers are constantly harassing them too, but with no cover, they just wouldn’t get as close as I’d like.

    Went to Busch on Sunday with my buddy Jim. He shot my 300 with his 40D that I sold him. He did well. I think

  2. he wants a 300 f/2.8 now. I told him that he could have mine for $4500.00. He’s thinking about it…NOT!

    Bill, I would like to try a head-to-head test with your 600. I think I’ll probably want one after that. I’d have to sell my 300, which I would probably regret down the road, but I would consider it.

    The $15.00 pdf from Arthur Morris on DPP was a waste! I thought going in; I’ve been using DPP from the get-go….what can I be taught about it. I kept an open mind and bought it anyway. Oh well, I bought $15 worth of beer Friday night, and I threw it away 2 hours later! That’s the way it goes sometimes.


  3. Jeff

    Let me know and we will work something out so you can test it. You may have to do a micro adjustment to dial both the lens into optimum focus for your 1DMKIV– something us ancient technology guys shooting 1DMKIIN’s can not do– we have to send camera and lens to Canon to get them synch’d

  4. Jeff

    Let me know when you want to do the side by side.

    You will get a laugh about this– my original reply ended up in the spam filter 🙂

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