Image of the Weekend

Saturday morning, Molly and I went to Riverlands. Forecast was for partly cloudy turning to clouds. Riverlands was clear as a bell. Once again, not much was happening at Heron Pond, Two Pecan Trail, Teal Pond or below the lock and dam.

There were a few swans on the large part of Ellis Bay but the majority of the birds were near the Ellis Bay ‘islands’ and were content to sleep off the cold temps. No kestrel either. We did get a few eagles but the highlight was a some Bufflehead ducks under the 367 bridge in a small open water area surrounded by ice.

Note to self: Check all your camera settings before going out. I had been shooting low light images and had the ISO cranked up….not real pretty when you look at them on the computer.


Luckily, Molly saved the day and here is one of her keepers.



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