A Busy Week That Is Not Over Yet

We started our week last Saturday at the McCallie Wildflower Farm. The JeffCo Photography Club held a lunch and photography session at what isĀ one of the most charming places in this part of the country. The farmhouse is straight out of Hollywood for what a farmhouse should look like. The animals at the farm ranged from Shetland Sheep, to an Emu, an Alpaca, to Llamas, a Donkey and Highland Cattle. Highland Cattle are the ones with bangs and the ‘bad bowl haircuts’.

Throw in some photogenic chickens and watch Molly go crazy.

Molly working the shot on the ‘Boss of the Barnyard’
Photo taken and used with permission of Renee Townsend

A great time was had by all.

Easter was in Farmington. Molly’s mom was cleared to come home from the re-hab center. It also was an opportunity to get some more baby pix of Olivia Page, Brandi and Johnathon’s little girl. Zachary came home with us so he could get a javelin for track (no one in Farmington will ever be safe again LOL) and fitted for cross country racing shoes. Back to Farmington on Monday and then home to New Haven.

Lettuce and Radishes are now planted and coming up in the raised beds.

JeffCo camera club meeting last night. Kathy O Donnell aka Kathy O, put on an excellent presentation on low light/night photography.

All through the week, we were working on pricing items for the New Haven City Wide Garage Sale which takes place tomorrow. We priced stuff to sell—-the object being to get the stuff out of the house/garage so low ball pricing rules.

I’m sure we will be on Easy Street after the sale LOL.

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