End of a busy week

The garage sale  yesterday was a resounding success. Maybe not Easy Street success but we had fun, met a lot of folks from the New Haven area and made some vacation money.

Today,photographed our blue birds and the red shoulder hawk, made a good dent in the chore list and we are taking the afternoon off to grill and watch Cardinal baseball.

The following image is one of my new favorites. Last week Renee’s picture made it to the head of the favorite list and this week Scott Villmer has sent an ¬†image and it joins Renee’s as one of the fave of favorite images.

These Jefferson County Photography Club photographers have it going on!!!

Location: McCallie’s Wildflower Farm, JeffCo Photography Club get together and photoshoot.

31 years,1 month and 3 days as of this posting– seems like yesterday and yes, we always hold hands LOL.

Photo by Scott Villmer and used with his permission


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