Out the door this morning before sunrise. We both have been busy, so no advance scouting has been possible.
I didn’t know if I could get Molly on the blue birds that were raising a brood a couple of weeks ago, but that was the plan.. Weather forecast was for cloudy skies but no rain. Of course the minute we locked the house up…..you got it–rain. Not a downpour but enough to make me wonder if we should have brought the rain gear.

In and out of light rain all the way to the area where Molly planned to photograph. I acted as the camera sherpa and carried the 600 with 1.4 extender on her 40D and the tripod/gimbal to the spot. Molly asked where I had set up the last time I was there. I said about 40 feet off the path. Between the path and the place I suggested was taller,wet grass. I looked down. Saw Molly’s suede sandals and knew we were as far as we were going to go 🙂

An hour later we packed and headed home with the trophy shot you will see below.

Maybe next time LOL

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