Well….it is official

Turned in the paperwork to retire from St Louis County. Twenty six years ago..today (March 2), I went to work there. March 29 will be my last day and I am looking forward to being able to photograph, fish and hunt more than working a 40 hour job allows.

Haven’t had a lot of time to photograph with the weather but was able to get out this am. I had originally thought about going to Columbia Bottoms and seeing if I could find snow geese and ducks. We had a surprise birthday party to go to  for Sue D, so I went to Riverlands. Riverlands was ok but I just didn’t feel like photographing the swans, specklebellys ( white fronted geese) and assorted dabbler ducks since the wind was not good for flight shots.

George G and Jeff K sent me peregrine falcon images and since it was just down the road… off I went. I could not find them at first scan but they started to cry and flew. Here are 3 images that I liked from the session.

Call it Ready,Set,Go

img_0998 img_0999 img_1001

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