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As the date approaches where I put the Saint Louis County Assessor’s Office in my rear view mirror,my time to get out and photograph has been limited to shooting backyard birds. The thing that makes getting some of the photos is the platform feeder I made years ago with the perch set up and the fine folks at El Mel having reasonable prices on black oil sunflower, safflower seeds and unshelled peanuts.

If you have never been to the north county El Mel, you are in for a treat. They have feeders near their parking lot ( I keep telling Molly she should go photograph there after she gets off work). Every time I go in, it reminds me of the old general and feed stores you used to find in every small town.Bird food,gardening tools,seeds for the garden and all the things you would need to show off your green thumb are all there. Add the  friendly people who work there and you have a place I can recommend to any of my friends with no hesitation.

In case you are wondering….no, we don’t get a discount 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Just a quick post

  1. Hi guys,

    Can you please post a picture of your feeder arrangement? I’d be very interested in seeing it.

    That White-Throat looks like he flew over a 1000 miles to get your El Mel seed…road hard, put away wet:)


  2. Jeff
    Let me find a lens with a focal length of less than 400 mm… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    just kidding— for the most part anyway

    We actually have an old 30-80mm zoom and I’ll take a picture of the set up in the next day or so

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